TMD Does Not Discriminate but Help Is Available

TMD – which stands for temporomandibular joint dysfunction and affects the jaw – seems to be becoming more and more common. Some theories seem to indicate that stress may be playing a huge role in the upsurge of this condition. This makes sense as stress negatively affects the muscles of the neck, leading them to [...]

True Alignment Chiropractic Tackles Migraines Naturally

Migraines are a mystery among those who are medical professionals. They are difficult to cope with and may be misunderstood by friends and family of the one suffering. It can be hard to explain the intense pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound that often accompany migraines. They are much more than a really [...]

Getting to the Bottom of Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia is becoming more prevalent, perhaps due to the fact that it is better recognized now than in years past.  Research is shedding more light on the condition, which for a long time remained somewhat of a mystery.  Fibromyalgia is about 7 times more common among women, but can certainly affect men as well as [...]

True Alignment Chiropractic – Helping Patients Cope with Headaches

Almost everyone has probably experienced a tension headache at one time or another as this is the most common kind of a headache. It comes along with mild to moderate head pain that may feel as if a vice is gripping the head on both sides. People will often take an over-the-counter painkiller such as [...]

Fibromyalgia and Overall Health

Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes an increased sensitivity to pain, so much so that certain areas of the body are extremely tender to the touch.  Alongside the widespread pain, fibromyalgia sufferers often experience poor sleep and fatigue.  While fibromyalgia is not considered a life-threatening condition, the fact is that it can be extremely disruptive [...]

Vertigo Sufferers Finding Lasting, Natural Relief

Vertigo episodes can be difficult to describe if you've never experienced one.  Vertigo is a false sensation of movement and can feel as if either you are spinning or the environment is spinning around you.  The onset of an episode can be slow and with warning or can come on very suddenly.  The following conditions [...]