I wanted to share some information about Fibromyalgia and NUCCA

I have worked with lots of patients with fibromyalgia.  The hardest thing is seeing how much it can effect their daily lives.  One of my favorite things is seeing a patient with fibromyalgia start to feel better and begin living their life again.

Fibromyalgia is thought to be from over active nerves.  This explains why the pain can be seemingly anywhere in the body and often at random.  When the nervous system is stressed at the brain stem level, everything below can be effected.  Sometimes this can happen from a previous injury or even high levels of stress.  This is why NUCCA chiropractic care can often help.

NUCCA looks at the top bone of the neck, the atlas, to see if there is a misalignment present.  Using a very precise and gentle adjustment, the atlas can get back into alignment again to relax the nervous system.

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