Is Vertigo the Same as Dizziness? Can Anything Be Done to Help It?

One of the most common reasons for people to see their primary care doctor is for dizziness, disequilibrium, or vertigo. These are symptoms resulting from one of the following: A peripheral vestibular disorder: A malfunction of the balance organs of the inner ear. A central vestibular disorder: A malfunction of one or more parts of [...]

Do You Feel Like a Slave to Meniere’s Disease? There’s a Way Out!

Meniere’s disease is brought on by a problem of the inner ear that affects the body’s system of balance. Until recently, no one really understood why it happened or how to help it. What is Meniere’s disease? It is known for the following symptoms: A sensation of spinning called vertigo A ringing in the ears [...]

Vertigo Sufferers Finding Lasting, Natural Relief

Vertigo episodes can be difficult to describe if you've never experienced one.  Vertigo is a false sensation of movement and can feel as if either you are spinning or the environment is spinning around you.  The onset of an episode can be slow and with warning or can come on very suddenly.  The following conditions [...]